Rent The Cake! Why Renting Your Wedding Cake Can Save You Money!

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Over the past seven years that I’ve been making and creating wedding cakes, one trend that hasn’t escaped me is the increased demand for fake cakes. Each year, more and more money-savvy brides seem to be gravitating towards faux cakes for their big day! Why? Because ultimately they can get more bang for their buck.

Ready to Relaunch!

Over the last several months we have been excitedly preparing for our relaunch which coincides with a move of the bakery to our new residence in Manassas, Virginia. We will continue to offer custom wedding cakes, but will be expanding our offerings to include custom event and birthday cakes, dessert tables, and even rental cakes! YAAAAS! The official opening date of our relaunched Rebekah Naomi Cake Artistry is September 14, 2019!

How to Style the Perfect Tea-Party!

As a British expat, and an avid drinker of tea, my American Friends have more than a slight curiosity with my tea-obsession. So, when the time came to plan a Mother's day party for my son's preschool mom group, naturally, they all requested a traditional Afternoon Tea complete with all the trappings of a Fortnum and Mason Soiree.

Now, I do love tea, but I'm more of a builder's brew and choccy-biscuit kinda girl, and when it comes to tea-drinking etiquette, I'm as educated as my American cousins. Thankfully, my dear Mum came through with some sage advice! It was time for a tea-time education

Trend Alert: The Monogrammed Wedding Cake

This weekend we created our last wedding cake of the summer season, and boy are we glad about that! 100 degree heat and buttercream are just not friends and we have definitely added a few wrinkles and grey hairs over the last 3 months! I'm happy to say that despite a few heat-related issues, our final all-white wedding cake delivery went off without a hitch (pun intended). tee hee.

Sugar Stories: Cakes and Happiness!

This week I did something REALLY unusual, I created a cake that was less than 5-tiers! HAHA! My lovable, and long-suffering husband Michael asked me to create a cake for his work's annual picnic. Normally, he never asks, but his co-workers have pestered him endlessly and he caved.

When I asked what the theme of the cake should be, I was pretty surprised when his response was, "Transylvania!". Yes, you heard me correctly, stranger still, this Transylvania-themed picnic was being held at the Science and Technology directorate of DHS in Washington DC....

Why I dropped a client a WEEK before her wedding

It's a nightmare scenario for any bride and it was an equally horrifying experience for me, the business owner. One minute you're planning a stunning multi-tiered design only for things to utterly fall apart a week before the wedding, and you're left with a choice. A choice no wedding vendor should have to make. I chose to walk away and this is why!

Sugar Stories: Crystals are a Cake's Best Friend

I can't believe it's already been three weeks since our last wedding cake and we're back with another behind-the-scenes look at a recent wedding. This past weekend we had the incredible task of creating an 8-tier, all-white wedding cake, dripping with crystals for a super glamorous wedding at one of our favorite venues: The Bellevue.

Wedding Trends: Multi-tiered Masterpieces!

This weekend, Rebekah Naomi Cake Design had the great honor of creating not one, but two incredible cakes for a fabulous All White party held at Fox Chase Manor in Virginia. Our stunning client Anna, dreamed of a towering 10 tier cake to represent ten years of everlasting love with her handsome hubby! Her birthday also coincided with the event, and so an ornate birthday cake was also included in the festivities. We share some photos of the cakes, and a little bit of the behind-the-scenes info!

Strawberry and Cream Cake Recipe

Are you looking for a yummy, super-moist strawberry cake that tastes like REAL strawberries and not like soap? Then look no further. This delicious recipe combines butter, sugar, freeze-dried strawberries, and strawberry yoghurt, for the perfect, moist bite!

Easiest Meringue Kiss Recipe

With the recent Instagram trend for layered fruit tarts taking the cake community by storm, the need for a meringue kiss recipe just become a whole lot more important. These delicate kiss-shaped meringues are such a beautiful adornment for cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. Grab the recipe here!

What Does a Cake Designer Make For Their Birthday?

Tomorrow is my birthday, i'll be turning 32! Eeeeep!! Anyway, I never usually have time to make myself a birthday cake, and so I end up going without one. However, this year I was determined to make my own cake. I've been falling in love with a recent Instagram trend for almond sable layered tarts, adorned with berries, macarons, meringue kisses, and fresh flowers. So, in my quest to 'cakify' the dessert, I made a two-tiered cake version.

I DIY'd my own wedding cake, and it was a disaster!

No, that's not the cake I made! I wish! Years ago, long before I became a professional cake maker, I DIY'd my own wedding cake. In-fact, it was quite literally the first tiered cake I ever made. Now, I can't even look at pictures of that cake without harboring a sense of regret, and not just because it makes me cringe to see the lopsided tiers, wonky icing, and buttercream bulges- but because I robbed myself of a wonderful experience. The experience of having a cake designed for me, the experience of being a bride; an experience I aim to give every bride and groom that walks through my door.

Sugar Stories: Ultra Violet: The Pantone Color of the Year

This weekend we made our first Pantone ultra-violet-inspired wedding cake of the year, and it's a stunner! One of the things that we love best here in the design studio, is collaborating with bold, fearless brides (and grooms) to create something a little unexpected. This wedding cake has some serious wow factor, and was the perfect centerpiece for their passionately purple wedding.

Mutually Beneficial - Growing your Business with Relationships

As a wedding cake maker the single most important business decision I made was to improve my vendor to vendor relationships. Networking is such a simple concept that people overlook the importance of establishing a network of business friends. We are always looking for that "complicated marketing strategy"; convincing ourselves that if something seems complex and difficult-or expensive- it must be the route to success. The real route to success is getting the basics down. Simple strategies, executed well, will trump complicated marketing ideas every time. Connecting with others and establishing mutually beneficial business arrangements is one of the best and easiest ways to grow your business.