Sugar Stories: A New Years Eve Wedding

Sugar Stories: A New Years Eve Wedding

When a fellow cake maker (and a very talented one at that) asks you to make their dream wedding cake, all manner of feelings and anxieties swirl through the imagination. However, our lovely couple Sabrina and Mark couldn't have been more wonderful. This sparkling cake was the perfect combination of rock and roll bride and rose gold glamour.


A Dazzling Design

Six Tiers of Sparkling Elegance

I've had the pleasure of knowing Sabrina for several years. As the winner of Food Network's Cake Wars and owner of Occasionally Cake, Sabrina is a talented Virginia-based cake decorator in her own right. So I was a little surprised when she messaged me one morning to ask if I would make her wedding cake. I jumped at the chance to create an elegant New Year's Eve design and I knew, as a fellow cake maker, Sabrina would be a wonderful client - and she was! 


It's always refreshing as a cake designer when a bride who claims to be bold in her design aesthetic, actually follow through on those claims - but Sabrina really did. She did not shy aware from daring color choices, or textural finishes, opting for a six tier cake with a sparkling black fondant finish, rose-gold edible sequins and a stunning spiral-cascade of sugar flowers. If there was ever a dream cake for me to make, this was it! 

Thrilled at getting the opportunity to make quite-literally another of my "bucket-list cakes" I worked with Sabrina to create this show-stopping design. Sharing with me some of her design inspiration via Pinterest, I was really able to get a feel for what the bride and groom wanted: something unique, something bold, something that was a little edgy - but ultimately sophisticated, refined, glamorous and high-end - just like my lovely bride!


The cake flavors were no less adventurous, with Sabrina and Mark choosing an elegant tuxedo cake for the bottom tier, a lemon, raspberry and white chocolate cake and lastly a strawberry and pink champagne cake! Tres chic!

This had to be one of the most nerve-wracking deliveries I have ever done. It was absolutely FREEZING cold- think sub-zero temperatures. Icey roads. Small, winding, hilly driveways with cobble-stones. A slippery flight of stairs up to the reception area. Occoquan is seriously beautiful but also the stuff of nightmares from a cake delivery perspective. Luckily, my long-suffering delivery driver (AKA my hubby) was on-hand with my repair kit to see me through the drop-off.

The venue, which was Rockledge Mansion, was absolutely beautiful. I got there in good time and was able to watch (from outside) as Mark and Sabrina took their vows, which was such a highlight to the delivery! Also, can I just say the bridesmaids dresses were seriously spectacular! 


As I brought the cake into the room, and made sure the heater wasn't going to melt the fondant, I was met with audible gasps. The owner could not believe that the flowers were made from sugar, and one of the bridesmaids said, "It is so beautiful, I could cry." That moment right there is why we do what we do. There is simply nothing quite so wonderful as delivering a beautiful wedding cake and exceeding everyone's expectations. As we placed the topper on the cake, and smoothed the table-cloth; checking that the cake was perfectly set-up before we headed out, I was so struck by the beauty and work that had gone into this cake. It was weeks of hard-work, planning, thought, consideration and collaboration. It was also perhaps one of the most beautiful cakes we had made, to date, and one we were incredibly proud of.

We wish Mark and Sabrina every happiness in their new lives together and we are so grateful to them for allowing us to be a part of their wedding. 

Rebekah xoxox

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