Our Signature Chocolate Cake

Our Signature Chocolate Cake


The best cake in Virginia

Our Signature Chocolate Cake!

It's a bold claim when you say chocolate cake is your "Signature" flavor, but after six years as a wedding cake specialist, servicing hundreds of brides - we can confidently say, "Our chocolate cake rocks!" Nearly every-single bride orders our signature chocolate cake and the overwhelming response is usually, "wow, it tastes like REAL chocolate."

Amazingly, it's because, my lovelies, our chocolate cake is in-fact made with real chocolate. Our cake batter is rich combination of Belgian chocolate, cocoa-noir (black dutched cocoa), organic egg-whites, butter, vanilla bean paste, cake flour, and yogurt - yes yogurt!

Our chocolate cakes are baked, cooled, and then torted into perfectly even layers of moist cake, which are then elegantly layered with our milk chocolate ganache frosting, (I call it a frosting because it's not entirely a ganache). The entire cake is then crumb-coated in our ganache frosting and chilled before receiving a final, generous coating of rich ganache.

It's not a chocolate overload cake exactly but it is a rich, dark, decadent bite of grown-up chocolate heaven. We use organic salted butter to cut the sweetness of the chocolate, and a vanilla-infused heavy cream to lighten the frosting. 


We knew we had perfected the recipe when our picky 4 and 5 year old children told us between fist-fulls of frosting that, "this was the best cake ever!" 

6 years on, and after a little tweaking and honing, this recipe has become our signature staple, because really everyone loves chocolate cake, and every wedding should serve a piece of cake that feels grown-up and sophisticated but is unquestionably delicious and not so heavy and rich that you couldn't eat another slice.

So, whilst we cannot share our cake recipe with our readers, because it's a closely guarded secret - we can confidently say, "Order our chocolate cake, you won't regret it!"


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