Wedding Cake Trends: Black is The New Black

Wedding Cake Trends: Black is The New Black

A surprising new color trend is making its hotly-anticipated debut, and no, I'm not talking about Ultra Violet, I am talking about BLACK!  So, qué horror! Does that mean that Pantone got it wrong this year? Well, it wouldn't be the first time a "trend-prediction" was off...but the answer is no, not exactly. However, it's also unquestionable that they may have overlooked one of the biggest color trends for the year.

Ultra Black

Black wedding cakes are causing quite a stir at the moment, and no-one really knows why. If you were paying attention last year you may have noticed some black foodie-items going viral. Who can forget charcoal ice-cream, black bagels, and blackout buttercream. Those inky-trends were all over our social media feeds, and it appears that they also may have had an impact on 2018 wedding cake trends.

Black cakes are not "new" exactly, we can almost certainly trace the beginnings of this new resurgence back to the hugely popular chalkboard trend of 2015/2016, but black cakes have certainly evolved, and black is being appreciated in a whole new way by trend-setting brides. 


I've done a few black cakes in my time, a few years ago a lovely bride and groom ordered a Victorian Gothic wedding cake, and a year later a lovely young lady ordered a black cake with pretty floral accents, but this type of black is different, it's a more trend-forward, sophisticated, style-rebel kinda black. 

In the first month of 2018 alone I created two black wedding cakes, one paired with a sophisticated and colorful floral cascade, and the second paired with lots of gold and ornate details. I have a third black, gold and emerald cake design on the books for October and another bride mulling over an all black cake for her September wedding. Considering that I currently have 12 weddings on the books for my 2018 calendar year, that's quite a high percentage.


A Black and Emerald Design I have on the books.

Daring and Dark

Although black cakes are not ever going to overtake their more colorful counterparts, or, heaven forbid, replace the traditional white wedding cake, they are becoming decidedly more mainstream. Black is seen as sophisticated, edgy, modern, original, daring even - and the modern bride really embodies all of those things. So it is not surprising that she wants her cake to say something about who she is. A back cake suggests someone who is a risk-taker, who wants to stand out from the crowd, who sees their wedding as an opportunity to express their unique style. Who wouldn't want that??

Here's a rundown of some of some of our favorite black cakes, made by Rebekah Naomi Cake Design and other talented cake artists! 

black color.jpg

Black is Bold

This bride had serious style credentials! We simply loved making this black cake with pops of color.

birthday cake gold 8.jpg

Ebony Elegance

This all black cake was paired with gold bas-relief effect tiers and ornate gold details. White, silver, and black sugar flowers add a romantic touch.


A striking New Year's Eve wedding cake complete with sparkling black tiers decorated with black sanding sugar and a touch of edible glitter!


Anna Astashkina - Bloom Cakery

Wow, this cake is all kinds of black gorgeousness. We anticipate the "halo" floral arrangement becoming a big trend for 2019

brittney and jon grant.jpg

Brittney and Jon Grant

Another halo design, but this one with glittery black tiers and a modern geometric pattern.

cake heart 1.jpg
cake heart.jpg

Black with an abundance of hot colors. Tanya Halas of Cake Heart showcases black in a very modern and fresh way with the use of hot, bold color accents. 

laura loukaides.jpg

Laura Loukaides

We saw so many variations of this lovely and elegant design by Laura Loukaides during our pinterest search for black cakes. This one is a serious trend-setter!

Nisha Fernando - Cake4.jpg

Nisha Fernando, Sweet Delights Cakery

Seriously sophisticated, this all black design with magenta, and deep-red sugar florals makes a huge statement.

So, why we predict there will certainly be a great many purple cakes this year, thanks Pantone, there will also be an underground movement of black, sophisticated, bold wedding cakes too.



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