It has always saddened me that I don't get to make more wedding cakes for the LGBT community. I have read too many horror stories about gay, lesbian, and trans. identifying couples who have been turned away from wedding bakeries because of their "lifestyles" and it has often led we to try to think of ways to better market myself as an inclusive cake maker. In a way, the fact that I even have to create a post like this one is disheartening, because it's 2018 people!!! And we should be so much further along than we are. LGBT couples shouldn't have to worry about finding an inclusive vendor because every business who services the wedding industry should treat every couple, regardless of sexual orientation, with dignity and respect.

But here we are.....

Say I Do!

A dear friend of mine, Sharia Barksdale runs the Say I Do LGBT-friendly wedding expo here in Virginia. This annual wedding expo is dedicated to connecting excited same-gender couples (engaged or married) with LGBT-friendly wedding businesses. They also provide a variety of workshops designed to address issues as they relate to the LGBT community! Sadly, due to other commitments (notably weddings) I haven't been able to attend for the last two years, and I've struggled to find other services dedicated to connecting LGBT couples with inclusive vendors. If anyone knows of such resources, I'd love to be connected!!

Peace, Love, and Diversity

In the hope of cultivating relationships with other like-minded wedding vendors, and serving more same-gender couples, I thought I'd comprise a blog post showcasing some of the LGBT wedding's we've had the pleasure of providing cakes for.

So here's my pitch: Virginia LGBT community, if you're reading this, and you're beginning the process of sourcing vendors, and you have that butterflies-in-the-stomach-feeling (not just because you're deeply in love and excited about getting married) but because you're apprehensive about encountering hate, or disapproval, or even apathy about what should be one of the most special moments in your lives, and you're looking for a vendor who is an LGBT lover, who deeply cares about (and advocates for the issues affecting your community) and can make a kick-ass wedding cake, then please, give me a call. Because I consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity to create a cake for you. 

say i do.jpg
say i do 2.jpg
say i do 4.jpg

Flying the Flag

The LGBT rainbow flag is an iconic statement and a symbol of peace and diversity, it's something that almost all of our LGBT couples have wanted to include in some capacity as part of their wedding cake design. This extra tall inside-rainbow surprise cake was created for a Catalyst Wedding Outside-The-Box challenge. We wanted the cake to reflect the fun personalities of the brides and offer something playful and modern. I love the symbolism of the inside rainbow.

say i do 5.jpg
say i do 6.jpg

A Refined Rainbow

This refined rainbow-inspired design was created for my two gay friends, they wanted something masculine and elegant but also something that payed homage to the LGBT flag. The cake was covered in a smoky-black fondant and airbrushed with a series of metallic-pearl colors to give a slightly holographic sheen. The cake features a non-edible jewel design and some rainbow roses. 

love wins.jpg

LOVE Unites Us

A very elegant, non-rainbow cake, this blue, white and silver design was our very first same-sex wedding cake and it's become quite an icon! Shared thousands and thousands of times on Pinterest. With a simple wooden LOVE topper as the centerpiece of the whole design, because LOVE conquers all; and really, isn't that why we're all here?

floral rainbow.jpg

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

One rainbow to rule them all. A visual celebration in color. We have always loved this bold design with quilled-fondant rainbow decor. This cake is anything but boring and always makes me smile. 

The First Lady of Cakes

The First Lady of Cakes

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