Sugar Stories: Crystals are a Cake's Best Friend

Sugar Stories: Crystals are a Cake's Best Friend

The classic all-white wedding cake has been HUGE for us this year, in fact, during our 6 years of business we have never made so many all white cakes, ever! The trend for super clean, modern, stand-the-test-of-time cakes is seriously compelling, after all, you want to look back on your wedding photos in 10, 20, 30 years time and be glad that you didn't choose something that was gloriously trendy in that style-moment but is hideously outdated in years to come. We all remember 1980s buttercream cakes with bridges and stairs! 

cake 3.jpg

The towering cake was 8-tiers and 36 inches tall.

Regardless, we just LOVE this return to cake purity and will never tire of creating beautiful white wedding cakes for our beloved clients. This weekend's cake was a corker- featuring stunning sugar flowers with Swarovski crystal centers, bas-relief florals, and hanging glass crystals. 

Our lovely bride Tina was such a joy to work with. She had a very clear vision for the cake she wanted and that's always a huge help. She sent a few different images of cakes she'd seen online and loved and we worked to design something unique and one-of-a-kind for her event, that still incorporated a lot of those design elements she loved from the other designs, whilst staying within a price point she and her fiance were comfortable with. We submitted several sketches and after a bit of back and forth, we settled on a design.

cake 5.jpg

The sugar flowers were accented with Swarovski crystals

We purchased the hanging crystals and Swarovski brooches from Amazon- we chose glass pendant crystals, which were absolutely beautiful, heavy, and high-quality. The brooches were sterling silver plated and very sparkly with some pearl details.

The flowers for this cake were made a few weeks ahead, which was absolutely necessary because here in Virginia, we're having some unprecedented rain and this causes a lot of humidity, which makes drying sugar-flowers quite a challenge. Sugar flowers, if stored appropriately, have an almost indefinite shelf life because the sugar content is so high. 

The cake featured two flavors: our classic red velvet cake which is deliciously moist and very red, and paired with our signature cream cheese frosting; and a fresh strawberry cake that was flavored with a little champagne and paired with a homemade strawberry compote and a champagne buttercream! Delish!!



The cake itself was designed to yield approximately 150 servings; the wedding accommodated 300 guests but the bride was serving several dessert elements and the cake was just one component. Since the bride wanted to add height and additional drama to the design, we also incorporated three faux (styrofoam) tiers into the design, which gave the cake that extra drama without the additional servings. The cake was enrobed with premium Satin Ice vanilla fondant and decorated with our signature sugar flowers and a bas-relief floral effect, which is created by molding sugar-paste into floral molds and attaching to the cake- the effect is somewhat like porcelain. 

The cake was 36 inches tall when stacked and a total of 5 real tiers of cake and 3 faux tiers. I have to say, this is one of my most favorite wedding cakes- I think I love it because the silhouette is so striking; tall, elegant, and modern, and the asymmetrical placement of the sugar flowers leads the eye up and down the design.  Our favorite part of delivering the wedding cake is always hearing the audible gasps, and hearing such incredible feedback from the venue and the clients. It is a high unlike no other, and keeps us coming back for more! 

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