Wedding Trends: Multi-tiered Masterpieces!

Wedding Trends: Multi-tiered Masterpieces!

At Rebekah Naomi Cake Design, we're used to crafting grand multi-tiered cakes for special occasions, but this weekend's cakes, quite literally take the cake! We certainly had our hands full creating a 10-tiered all white cake covered in hundreds of hand-made sugar flowers.

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Grand Designs

This stunning cake was over 5 ft tall and 10-tiers!

The design featured 5 real tiers, each a different flavor. Anna requested our signature red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, our signature dark chocolate with chocolate ganache and our vanilla bean cake with traditional vanilla buttercream. We also changed up the flavors a little by also creating a vanilla bean cake with a chocolate mousse filling. The cakes were covered with a thin layer of Satin Ice vanilla premium fondant to provide a flawless pure white canvas.

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The Wonder of White

The cake featured hundreds of hand-made sugar flowers that totalled over 100 hours to create.

The flowers were created over several weeks and took over 100 hours to make. Each flower was hand-crafted using a hard-setting white sugar paste - with some flowers consisting of over 50 petals. The cake featured a variety of different flowers including Anemones, Roses, Peonies, Orchids, Daisies, and smaller filler flowers. 

The bottom tier of the cake was covered in frilly peonies and peony petals made from sugar paste which gave the illusion of a floral-ruffle effect.

The cake had to be transported to the venue in 5 sections and assembled on site with a step ladder. The finished cake was over five ft in height and took center stage at the venue. 

The birthday cake was created by our team along-side the towering anniversary cake and featured a white canvas and ornate, regal, gold molding. The molds were created by Royal Cake Maker, Michael Lewis-Anderson and shipped from Europe. The design, although smaller in stature, was no less grand. Featuring 6 tiers, each with delicately hand-painted molding and a beautiful floral tier, which added some glamour and femininity to the design.

Again, the cake featured our signature flavors, with both cakes yielding over 300 servings for the guests.

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