5 Wedding Cake Trends for 2020!

5 Wedding Cake Trends for 2020!

Here’s our run-down of some of the key wedding cake trends that we think brides and grooms will be selection in 2020 and beyond!

Multi-Tiered Masterpieces

The big, beautiful wedding cake is back! Opulence is the order of the day with these towering creations. Statement cakes are going to be gracing cake tables everywhere. We’re not just talking about 4 and 5 tier cakes, but 10, 12, 14-tier mega-cakes!

Fault-line Frosting

This hot new trend is everywhere! We’re seeing fault-line cakes all up in our Instagram feeds. These gorgeous buttercream cakes, feature a rough edge and peekaboo fault that can be filled with everything from macarons, to custom sprinkle mixes, flowers, and fruit slices, which makes these gorgeous designs completely customizable for any event. Rustic, but edgy, they’re simplistic enough for brides looking for an alternative to the plain buttercream cake, but different enough to offer a touch of glamour.

cakecicles virginia.jpg



These sweet lollipop shared cake pops are all the rage! Larger than the standard cakepop, they can be customized in any color, style, and decorated with a whole array of edible treats. These elegant hand-held desserts are the favor of choice for 2020.

Sprinkle All the Things

Sprinkles have had somewhat of a make-over in the last 5 years, with a whole host of companies dedicated to the art of sprinkle mixology. They’re a fantastic way to add color and dimension to a plain cake and with a whole host of sprinkle-led cake trends being showcased on Instagram: think sprinkle drips, fault-line cakes, sprinkle geode cakes etc; the demand for sprinkle-adorned cakes is going to sky-rocket.

Palette Painted Cakes

These buttercream cakes are colorful and beautiful! Featuring palette-painted buttercream flowers in a bas-relief style. These cakes are going to be taking over our Instagram feeds throughout 2020 and beyond!

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