5 Tips for Styling a Wedding Shoot that Wows!

5 Tips for Styling a Wedding Shoot that Wows!

Looking for simple and creative ideas to take your styled shoot to the next level? Take a look at our Top 5 Tips for Styling a Wedding Shoot that Wows!

This weekend we really upped the ante with a stunning black, gold, and blush cake design styled for a luxury furniture rental company based in Maryland. Together with my event bestie- Sharia Barksdale of Eclectic Fete we put together FOUR incredible looks by simply re-purposing and re-styling our vendor-donated items.

This weekend, the lovely Ms. Barksdale wrangled me into creating a cake for a blush and black styled shoot that was being held to support the marketing efforts of another amazing local vendor: Nostalgia Event Rentals, who have some UHMAZING luxury pieces. We were like two kids in a candy store when we entered their warehouse and got to see some of the insane pieces they had to play with.

Black and Blush wedding cake, Virginia

Black and Blush

A stunning wedding cake for a glamorous affair!

The look for the shoot was a luxury, LA Affair, and the warehouse was set up to shoot four separate looks in order to showcase the different furniture options available. Our first look was a blush, black, and gold design, with a sexy black wavy table, plush pink chairs, and elegant rose-gold and black dinnerware.

The florals were styled by the talented Sheek Soirees. We were able to re-purpose the flowers for a completely different look that featured a silver table and baroque-style perspex chairs. This look was much softer and more feminine, with lots of blush roses and pink hydrangea styled in a variety of vases. I was able to reuse the cake for the second shoot, as the colors were a perfect match for the design.

For our third look, we went masculine and modern, swapping out the pink for a deep velvet green. I was able to remove the pink florals on the cake and replace them with some soft-ivory roses. The table was gold and black, with gold and white silverware and stunning hexagonal black plates.

Without further ado, here’s our TOP 5 Tips for Styling a Wedding Shoot that Wows!

Work with What You Have!

Although we initially planned one major look for our shoot, by simply re-purposing our floral arrangements and re-styling some key pieces, such as the cake and centerpieces, we were able to create several additional looks. In fact, our second look ended up being our favorite of the four, even though the majority of the planning had gone into styling the first main black and blush look. a GREAT way to do this is to re-purpose floral arrangements. Our florist was able to assist us with this by bringing along a selection of large and small vessels, allowing us to create multiple arrangements and setups with the same flowers. Remember that colors can read very differently when paired with other colors, for example our blush roses looked more apricot when styled with rose gold chairs, and they looked more pink when paired with black vases and plush pink chairs.

Invest in a few statement pieces that will elevate your look!

Invest in a few key statement pieces, for us, that was our furniture. We hooked up with a luxury furniture rental company and were able to create some really high-end looks for our shoot simply by utilizing some quality furniture pieces. By using some gorgeous high-end tables and chairs, we took our entire shoot to a whole other level, and it also allowed us to easily change up our color-schemes by introducing some bold pops of color that worked with the black, silver, and rose gold furniture elements we had.

Lighting is Everything

Having a great photographer is a total given but what is super important is to pay attention to the light-conditions of your venue. Not all photographers are adept at shooting with dramatic lighting, and some specialize only in natural light photography. It’s important to discuss lighting conditions with your photographer before you book them to capture your shoot. Our shoot benefited from lots of natural light, but some areas of the venue were very dark and moody and used ambient lighting. Our photographer was able to create some incredible dramatic light setups which totally elevated our shoot.

Create a Story

A good shoot should always have a narrative, think of it almost like a storyboard. Imagine what the timeline of a real-life event would be like. Make a note of some key shots that you’d like to achieve ahead of time and keep to a schedule. Make sure that your photographs capture the love story you want to tell from start to finish.

Use Your Venue

When styling your shoot, always take your first cue directly from your venue, because the style, size, and scale of your venue should set the tone of your shoot. If you have a dark and moody venue with a patterned carpet, work with color palettes, props, and decor that compliments the style of the venue. Explore the venue before you show up to shoot and locate key areas that would be great for photography. Is there a sweeping staircase? Is there a glamorous archway? Does the bedroom have a gorgeous leather wall that would look amazing with a dress hanging against it? Get to know your setting beforehand and use it to your advantage.

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