Grow Your Business With the Power of NO

It's such a simple, one syllable, word, and yet it wields infinite power. Saying "No" is something we are conditioned to avoid as business owners, but from a personal perspective, learning to say "No" was a powerful tool for growth  and change. It helped me to build my business to become what it is today.

The First Lady of Cakes

I have wanted to blog about this for a very long time but out of respect for the bride and groom, I didn't want to make their wedding about something other than them, because really, a wedding should always be about the bride and groom. In November of 2016, I created a wedding cake for the very lovely Kristen Jarvis-West. If you're not familiar with Kristen, she was the long-time Chief of Staff to former First Lady, Michelle Obama. 


It has always saddened me that I don't get to make more wedding cakes for the LGBT community. I have read too many horror stories about gay, lesbian, and trans. identifying couples who have been turned away from wedding bakeries because of their "lifestyles" and it has often led we to try to think of ways to better market myself as an inclusive cake maker.

Sugar Stories: All White on the Night

I've had the pleasure of working with Jenny Vander since 2015. As the CEO of CTG Events and Designs in Woodbridge, VA, Jenny has planned hundreds of beautiful events throughout Virginia, and I've been fortunate to make cakes for some of those events. This year I was able to make a winter-wonderland-inspired design for Jenny's glamorous birthday party.

Our Signature Chocolate Cake

It's a bold claim when you say chocolate cake is your "Signature" flavor, but after six years as a wedding cake specialist, servicing hundreds of brides - we can confidently say, "Our chocolate cake rocks!" Nearly every-single bride orders our signature chocolate cake and the overwhelming response is usually, "wow, it tastes like REAL chocolate."